Mutual Request Button – Requesting a WayHome Faciliated Phone Introduction or Meet & Greet


If after messaging, both Users feel they would like to have a phone conversation, and possibly meet, Uses must click the Mutual Request button on the Messaging page. This alerts the WayHome Help Desk that you would like WayHome to contact both parties and set up a phone call.

It is not allowed to meet, request to meet, or to encourage the meeting outside WayHome Facilitated Telephone Discussions or Meet & Greets.

WayHome is a Platform for housing solutions, and by definition these solutions can involve people’s home address and how people live (such as living alone). Further, in some instances people may be vulnerable
There is a need for protection of privacy and safeguarding around use of the WayHome Platform.

Users of the WayHome Platform must notify WayHome of any request to breach above conditions as soon as possible. Any breach of the above conditions will result in the Account of the offending party being suspended.

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