NDIS housing options that meet your needs 


WayHome is an NDIS registered online platform for people with disability to find, choose and put in place innovative housing options that meet their needs

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Housing options


Hosts are individuals or families with a spare room in their home and wish to share their life and home in return for a reimbursement payment - permanent or for weekends


Co-residents are people who move in and live with a person with disability and provide support and companionship in return for free rent and support payments


Housemates are NDIS participants who wish to share with other NDIS participants who share their passions & interests

Accessible & SDA Homes

Accessible inclusive and assistive homes to sell or rent, including SDA properties

Who can benefit

NDIS Participants

Find the perfect host, co-resident or housemate - as well as accessible and SDA housing that matches your need

NDIS Coordinators

Find hosts, co-residents, housemates or accessible housing for your client portfolio and manage everything via your own dashboard

Housing Providers

Do you have an accessible inclusive or assistive home to sell or rent? Do you have a SDA property for which you are seeking residents?

Hosts & Co-residents

Do you have a passion for building a more inclusive and welcoming community?

Could you be a potential host or


NDIS housing options that meet your needs 

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