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When a Connection is made

Once a connection is made and both parties want to start a living arrangement, we will start the Individualised Living process through NDIS registered provider My Supports.
In this stage, Hosts and Housemates may have to get the necessary documentation

as required by the NDIA to proceed. There may be costs involved for acquiring these documents. These costs will be explored together when you get to the implementation stage to make sure you don’t face any unwanted surprises.

Payments & Reimbursements

As a Host or Housemate you may receive payments or reimbursements depending on your position and whether you are a contractor or a volunteer.




  • This is a full-time position that is paid per hour.
  • In order to be paid you will need to submit invoices.
  • You will have an independent contractor’s agreement that includes the level of support they are providing.


  • As a volunteer you will receive reimbursement for utilities, food, and insurance (such as property damage.



  • This is an arrangement where you may be paid for an agreed number of hours
  • In order to be paid you will need to submit invoices.
  • Depending on the arrangement you could be living free of rent, but utilities and food are to be paid by yourself.

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