Do I need to use WayHome as the Provider of the Arrangement?


Yes – at least for the initial period of the arrangement (12 months). Like other popular online support platforms, WayHome becomes the formal provider of these arrangements.

WayHome aims to create a safe process, where all Users are screened and checked, privacy is always protected, introductions are conducted in a supervised manner, adequate NDIS funding is arranged, and the Arrangement is implemented and monitored in a way that meets safety and quality standards.

WayHome is a Platform for housing solutions, and by definition these solutions can involve people’s home address and how people live (such as living alone). Further, in some instances people may be vulnerable
There is a need for protection of privacy and safeguarding around use of the WayHome Platform.

To achieve these objectives, all Users (NDIS Participants, Housemates, Hosts or Co-residents) meeting via the WayHome platform may not enter any Arrangement outside WayHome or this Agreement (excluding Housing Providers).

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