Connect Request – How do I connect with NDIS Participants with whom I could potentially match?


Follow the steps for Search above.

When you find a option you are interested in, you will see a Connect Request button on the summary profile (a picture of two people connected by arrows in a small circle). Click on this button – this will send a Connect Request to the person.

When the person (Host, Co-resident, Housemate or Housing Provider) receives and accepts the Connect Request, you are able then able to Message each other via the WayHome platform to discuss any questions or to get to know each other.

You can view the Connect Requests you have sent and received via your Dashboard – in the left menu.

Contacting Housing Providers
The contact information for all Housing Providers is listed on all property listings (contact person, email and telephone). NDIS Participants can message with Housing Providers via WayHome, and then if there is a match, the NDIS Participant can directly contact the Housing Provider via this contact information.

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