What does it cost to join and use WayHome?

It is FREE – no one is charged for joining and meeting on the platform.

What am I paid as a Host or Co-resident?

Due to the different types of arrangements with different type of support needs, the total payment to Hosts and Co-residents varies per arrangement.

An estimate of the Host and Co-resident payments is communicated after the WayHome Phone Discussion and the initial assessment.

Below are some indications of per hour rates that apply (Co-resident) – total payment depends on the hours and intensity of support and agreement around rent payment.

Host payments are annual.

Role Price
Hosts $40,000 – $70,000 per year

Free Rent (To be agreed)

For Agreed Support ($ per hour):

Mon-Fri Day Rate $27.88

Afternoon/Evening $30.66

Night $31.22

Saturday $39.03

Sunday $50.18

Pubic Holiday $61.33

Housemates In most cases there is no payment between Housemates (NDIS Participants sharing a house)

How does WayHome get paid?

Hosts and Co-residents

WayHome is only paid if an eventual agreement is entered between NDIS Participant and the supporter and then only those fees and charges allowed under the NDIS price guide rates and NDIS rules. These are paid from the NDIS plan.

Housing & Housing Providers

WayHome is not paid for any matching on the WayHome Platform.

All payments and fees are a matter between Housing Provider and the NDIS Participant.

WayHome may charge a fee for targeted matching in the future.

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