How WayHome Works with

NDIS Participants

The WayHome Platform – find your perfect housing option

  • Hosts – individuals and families who welcome others to share their home and life
  • Co-residents – a person who lives with a person with a disability and provides support and companionship
  • Housemates – people with a disability who wish to share with other people with a disability
  • Accessible & SDA Houses – houses to rent, share or buy that meet the needs of people with a disability

Protecting your privacy

Your private contact information is never shared on the platform.

Working with your Coordinator where required

Your Coordinator can assist by putting your requirements on the platform, assist you search and find matches, and then work collaboratively with WayHome to put everything in place.

Way Home Facilitated Phone Introductions

WayHome hosts a phone call with all parties to discuss details and get to know each other.
A WayHome Help Team member sets up and joins the call.

Way Home Facilitated Meet & Greets

WayHome hosts a meet and greet with all parties to get to know each other better. A WayHome Help Team member always attends the meet and greet.

Getting the right NDIS funding in your plan

The NDIS provides a range of funding options to enable to people to live where with whom and how they like:

  • Individual Living Options (ILOs) – funding of host, co-resident, housemate and other arrangements
  • Specialized Independent Living (SILs) – funding to live in a group situation
  • Specialized Disability Accommodation (SDAs) – in limited cases the NDIS will fund ongoing rental payments for people needing highly adapted housing options

In many cases, people will have this funding already in their plan.

If not, WayHome can assist you – or your coordinator – understand what you may be eligible and work to get that in your NDIS plan.

Getting agreements in place – providing clarity on roles

Agreements provide clarity on roles and expectations, including the support to be provided and payments to be made – WayHome assists getting these in place

Initial checks and clearances, ongoing checks – being happy & staying safe

All arrangements must protect the rights of people with a disability, as well as meet the requirements of the NDIS and disability standards. This means thorough reference checks and police clearances, training, risk assessments, as well as ongoing visits and checks.

Making payments, administration – hassle-free living

Funding for housing options can mean making various payments and ensuring an administration that meets NDIS requirements – WayHome can assist.

WayHome facilitates funding, agreements, conducts checks and clearances, and completes the ongoing checks and payment administration

For clients and supporters matching via the WayHome platform, WayHome is the NDIS registered provider facilitating the host, co-resident and housemate sharing arrangement to ensure all NDIS as well as quality and safeguarding requirements are met.


Where required, WayHome connects you with the housing provider so you are able to conclude your rental arrangement. This can include Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers or other arrangements.

Changes, ending arrangements, exploring new options

Sometimes situations change. While most agreements are for 12 months, choice and control is of primary importance, and you have the right to end any agreement, discuss changes that better suit you or explore new options.

WayHome assists when people want to end the arrangement, change or explore new options.

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