How WayHome Works with

NDIS Coordinators

Role of Coordinators

Coordinators play the vital role in making recommendations on what housing option best suits the NDIS Participant.
WayHome does not use Coordination, Exploring Housing or Housing Design funding, which means these resources can be used by Coordinators to give objective, independent advice and guidance to NDIS participants.
Coordinators can sign up clients onto the WayHome platform and nominate as Contact to be the formal contact. The Coordinator represents their client on the WayHome platform, including setting up profile, as well as connecting and messaging with housing options.

Working with WayHome Help Team and local facilitators

  • Work with WayHome Help Team to ensure the right NDIS funding is in the client’s NDIS plan
  • Work with WayHome Help Team to get the right agreements in place to provide clarity on roles and expectations, including the support to be provided and payments to be made.
  • Ongoing checks – ensuring clients are happy and safe
    • WayHome has a national network of local ILO facilitators who conduct reference checks and police clearances, training, risk assessments, as well as ongoing prescribed visits to ensure the highest standards of quality and safeguarding
    • WayHome staff work hand in hand with the client’s Coordinator to report and consult on any housing and housing support risks observed.

Hosts, Co-residents and Housemates – WayHome is the registered provider of supports for the initial 12 months of all arrangements

WayHome operates as a NDIS registered provider (via My Supports). All NDIS Participants and Hosts, Co-residents & Housemates meeting via WayHome Platform are required to be WayHome implemented and managed for the first 12 months.

Housing & Housing Providers

Housing Providers can be contacted directly via their contact info on house advertisements.
All arrangements entered into between Housing Providers and NDIS Participants are a matter between these parties – WayHome is not a party to any agreements.

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