How WayHome Works with

Hosts & Co-residents

What are Hosts & Co-residents?


They are regular people who simply have a passion for creating a more inclusive and welcoming community:

  • Hosts are individuals and families who welcome others to share their home and life

  • Hosts receive a host payment which can often be tax free, which is paid from the NDIS participants NDIS plan

  • A Co-resident is a person who lives with a person with a disability in their home, providing support and companionship

  • Co-residents receive in most cases free accommodation and payments for the support they provide (such as assistance in preparing meals, assisting around the home)

The WayHome Platform


Search, meet and message with people with a disability who are interested in your support.

Protecting your privacy


Your private contact information is never shared on the platform.

WayHome Facilitated Phone Introductions


WayHome hosts a phone call with all parties to discuss details and get to know each other. A WayHome Help Team member always joins the call.

WayHome Facilitated Meet & Greets


WayHome hosts a meet and greet with all parties to get to know each other better. A WayHome Help Team member always attends the meet and greet.

Payments for the support you provide


WayHome ensures you are paid on time and according to agreements.

Getting agreements in place


Agreements provide clarity on roles and expectations, including the support to be provided and payments to be made.

WayHome has deep experience in setting up these agreements with all parties

Ongoing Checks – being happy & staying safe


All arrangements must protect the rights of people with a disability, as well as supporters – WayHome  works to ensure arrangement meet the requirements of the NDIS, disability standards, as well as relevant award and health and safety standards.


Changes, ending arrangements, exploring new options


Sometime situations change.

While most agreements are for 12 months, choice and control is of primary importance, and people with a disability have the right to end agreements, discuss changes that better suit needs or explore new options.

WayHome assists when people want to end the arrangement, change or explore new options.

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