How WayHome Works with

Housing Providers

Housing options on WayHome

Providers can list all types of suitable properties

  • SDA properties – group homes and single dwellings
  • Houses and apartments to rent or buy
  • Short term respite and long term options

What does it cost?

Listing properties in WayHome is free – but we reserve the right to charge a listing or brokerage fee on matches in the future.

Searching for NDIS Participants

Housing Providers can search for NDIS Participants who have listed a need for Housing.

Connecting with NDIS Participants

There are two ways for Housing Providers to connect with NDIS Participants:

1) NDIS Participant can contact the Housing Provider via contact information provided with the house or apartment profile on the WayHome Platform.

2) Housing Providers and NDIS Participants can mutually agree to Connect and Message via WayHome Platform – as per WayHome rules, no contact information can shared via the platform.

  • a) an NDIS Participant can make a connection request to a Housing Provider, or b) Housing Providers can make a connection request to a NDIS Participant. After an acceptance from the other party, both can Message via the Platform.

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